September 28, 2023

Corporate Flu Vaccination Program

Bowtie & JP Health offers on-site and in-clinic influenza vaccination services for companies in Hong Kong. Protect your employees from the seasonal flu with our hassle-free Corporate Flu Vaccination Program!


What is a flu vaccine?

A flu vaccine is designed to protect against the influenza virus. The vaccine composition is renewed every year based on the proposed circulating strains recommended by the World Health Organization

In specific, the quadrivalent influenza vaccine commonly available in Hong Kong includes two Influenza A virus strains and two Influenza B virus strains following the WHO’s recommendations.

The Centre for Health Protection recommends everyone aged above 6 months receive the seasonal flu vaccine to protect themselves against infection.

When should I offer my employees a flu shot?

It takes about two weeks for immunity to develop in the body, so it’s best if you arrange your corporate flu vaccination program at least two weeks before the winter influenza season starts in January.

Why should I offer flu vaccines to my employees? 

In case you’re wondering, here’s why you should consider introducing a flu vaccination program.

Protect your employees 

Influenza can cause coughing, sneezing, headache, muscle aches, sore throat, and in the worst case, severe complications or even death. The WHO estimates that respiratory diseases caused by seasonal influenza result in between 290,000 and 650,000 deaths each year. A flu shot is the most effective way to prevent flu infection.

Reduce absenteeism and boost productivity

An employee with a typical case of flu may need to take approximately 2 to 3 days off from work and their productivity may be affected for up to a week after returning to work. By preventing the spread of flu in the workplace, you are saving the cost of employee absence and maximizing productivity.

Improve employee engagement

A flu vaccination program adds value to your employee health benefits package. It is a simple yet effective way to show that you care about your employees. When a company invests in the health and well-being of its employees, it's more likely that people will stick around for the long haul.

Bowtie & JP Health corporate flu vaccination service and pricing

Bowtie & JP Health provides both on-site and in-clinic flu vaccination services for corporates. Below are our service and pricing details.

On-site flu vaccination (injection only)

  • HK$250 / vaccine 
  • HK$230 / vaccine (over 100 participants)
  • HK$215 / vaccine (over 200 participants)
  • Setup fee: HK$2,500 per 2 hours (waived when there are more than 50 participants)

In-clinic flu vaccination (injection or nasal spray)

  • HK$230 / vaccine (injection)
  • Nasal spray vaccine is available at an extra charge of HK$190 / vaccine

Why Bowtie & JP Health?

At Bowtie & JP Health, we are committed to bringing you a hassle-free experience. Our program is designed to make it easy for HRs and business owners to provide flu vaccinations to their employees. Just sit back and enjoy our services!

  • Mobile service and on-site vaccination: We can arrange for our team of healthcare professionals to come to your office for the vaccination – so that no one misses out.
  • In-clinic service: Make an appointment that fits the schedule of your team and visit our healthcare center in Wan Chai at your convenience.
  • Flexible arrangement: Can’t make up your mind? We can offer a mixed service option to accommodate any special needs of your team.
  • Personalized care: Our team of healthcare professionals will conduct a one-to-one assessment for each of your employees before administering a flu shot to answer any concerns they may have.
  • Upgradable option: For companies opting for in-clinic vaccination, your employees can top up at a discounted rate to get the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine.
  • Exceptional service: From pre-registration to follow-up, we promise ​​you a stress-free experience with our warm and friendly customer service.

Sounds good? Book a flu vaccination for your team and keep the flu out of your office this year!

For registration and enquiries, please contact Sara Choi at

About Bowtie & JP Health

Bowtie & JP Health is a multi-disciplinary healthcare center co-founded by Bowtie and JP Partners Medical. We are on a mission to provide quality personalized healthcare service to the general public by leveraging its expertise in technology. Through preventative care and personalized health services, Bowtie & JP Health helps you take care of your health before it’s too late. Start your health journey with us today!


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